Headlight with built-in battery

Built-in battery headlights have the advantage of simplicity, no need to choose a battery and charger, both included in the package, and they are lightweight, long-lasting and practical.

The headlight is a great companion for hiking, running, walking the dog, working, and its main advantage is its practical positioning. By attaching it to your head, you can keep your hands free to do what you've been doing, only this time in better light.

As a trekker, you may have found yourself desperately searching for something in your tent at night, or at the end of your hike, you may not have wanted to give up your trekking poles at dusk. In such situations, a headlamp is the perfect companion. A headlamp is not only perfect for hiking and camping, but also for running. In the autumn and winter, when it gets dark earlier, you can continue your running training in the evening with the help of a light. If you want a headlamp for jogging, there are lightweight models to choose from. Thanks to their light weight, the lights are not an additional burden and the comfortable, easy-to-adjust headband ensures comfort when wearing them. And for climbers, headlamps with particularly high resistance are suitable. For these lights, care must be taken to ensure that the glass is extremely strong and that the bulb can be used in cold temperatures.

Our headghts from renowned brands such as Acebeam, Lumintop and Armytek feature the latest LED technology, durable design and extra bright light. Because you don't always need the same brightness, most headlights come with a choice of lighting modes. So there is usually a high beam mode and a low beam mode. Most models also have dimming and flashing functions. If you are often on the road in the dark, you can even buy a headight with night vision.

Headlamps can be battery powered or rechargeable via USB, depending on the model. Most products also have a handy energy-saving mode.

In addition to optics and construction, headlights can also differ in the following features.

  • lighting distance
  • brightness
  • lighting duration
  • sensor
  • light color

If you are not sure which model is best suited for your intended use, please contact us by e-mail!

How bright should it be, how long should it last, what colour should the light be? Should the light be a narrow beam, but visible up to 1000 metres away, or should it be spread over a wide area? Should it be shockproof and/or waterproof? Are you looking for one brand in particular, maybe Astrolux, Sofirn, Manker, Acebeam, Armytek, Thrunite, Wuben, Convoy or Lumintop? Should it have a built in rechargeable battery or be replaceable? Should it come in a bundle, or would you prefer to pick and choose the battery by yourself? Do you want as few modes as possible or do you prefer as many as possible, or are you looking for Anduril firmware? Do you want a magnetic cap? Is it important to be able to charge from USB? What purpose are you buying it for? Specifically for running, caving, fishing, or just for work around the house? What brand of battery do you prefer? What brand should it be? Is it important to have a known brand, or do you prefer to rely on the experts or forum audience? Or is it all the same, the price is what matters?

Once you know the answers to the above questions, it will definitely be easier for you to choose from our huge selection of headlights.