The name and address of the distributor: Weisson Kft. Hungary, 2241 Sülysáp, Tápió u. 3.

The name, type, item number, manufacturing number (if any), date of purchase, and date of receipt of the product (the date of receipt is the payment due date on the invoice), as well as the purchase price, can be found in the content elements of the issued invoice.The consumer (natural person) can enforce their rights arising from the purchase of the product according to the Hungarian Civil Code as follows:
Warranty rights can be enforced within the applicable warranty period from the date of purchase (or from the date of receipt in the case of a contract concluded remotely).The duration of the warranty according to Government Decree 151/2003 (IX. 22.):

For a sales price of at least 10,000 HUF but not exceeding 250,000 HUF: two years.
For a sales price exceeding 250,000 HUF: three years.

In addition to the products covered by mandatory warranty, Weisson Kft. offers a 6-month warranty for all batteries and flashlight accessories purchased for less than 10,000 HUF and a 1-year warranty for all flashlights purchased for less than 10,000 HUF.

Note: The prices are listed in Hungarian Forints (HUF) in the Government Decree. To avoid any misunderstandings, we also display the amounts in Hungarian Forints in this description. You can check the warranty period for the product you paid for in Euros (EUR) based on the current exchange rate. You can view the current exchange rate here: https://www.mnb.hu/arfolyamok

Warranty rights can also be enforced by presenting the invoice proving the payment of the product's purchase price.

The consumer can enforce their warranty claim by returning the product to Weisson Kft. 2241 Sülysáp, Tápió u. 3. (by courier).

When enforcing the warranty, the consumer can choose:

* Repair or replacement, except if fulfilling the chosen warranty claim is impossible or would result in disproportionate additional costs compared to another warranty claim. In this case, the value of the service in a faultless condition, the severity of the contract breach, and the inconvenience caused to the consumer must be considered.

* The consumer may also request a proportionate reduction in the purchase price or withdraw from the contract if the obligated party has not undertaken the repair or replacement, cannot meet this obligation within an appropriate time, or if the consumer's interest in repair or replacement has ceased.

Withdrawal is not possible due to a minor defect. The consumer can switch from the chosen warranty right to another. The costs of the transition must be borne by the obligated party unless the transition was justified by the obligated party or otherwise justified.

In the case of product repair, the warranty period is extended by the time during which the consumer could not use the product properly due to the defect, starting from the day the product was handed over for repair. The costs related to enforcing the warranty rights are borne by the obligated party but must not result in disproportionate additional costs.

The consumer is entitled to request an immediate replacement of the product if it fails within 3 working days from the date of purchase.

When enforcing the warranty right, the obligated party must strive to complete the repair or replacement within 15 days. If the repair or replacement period exceeds 15 days, the company must inform the consumer of the expected duration. The repair or replacement must be completed within an appropriate time, considering the properties of the product and the purpose expected by the consumer, while respecting the consumer's interests.

If it is determined during the warranty period that the product is not repairable, and the consumer has not given different instructions, Weisson Kft. is obliged to replace the product within 8 days. If replacement is not possible, Weisson Kft. must refund the purchase price within 8 days.

If the product is not repaired within 30 days from the date the product was sent to Weisson Kft. for repair, Weisson Kft. must replace the product within 8 days following the unsuccessful 30-day repair period. If replacement is not possible, Weisson Kft. must refund the purchase price within 8 days following the unsuccessful 30-day repair period.

During repair, only new parts may be installed in the product.

The limitation period does not include the time during which the consumer cannot use the product properly due to the defect. The limitation period for the warranty claim starts anew for the part of the product affected by the replacement or repair.

This mandatory and voluntary warranty does not affect the consumer's rights arising from the law (especially product warranty and implied warranty rights).

If the obligated party does not resolve the consumer's warranty complaint or resolves it improperly, the consumer is entitled to initiate proceedings with the conciliation body operating alongside the county (capital) chambers of commerce and industry.

Weisson Kft. may also issue the warranty certificate electronically to the consumer, no later than the day following the delivery or installation of the product.

The obligated party may reject the warranty claim if any of the following can be proven:

* The defect of the product is due to improper use, such as disregarding the instructions in the user manual or product description, improper storage, improper handling, or improper transportation. For batteries, the warranty is only valid if the battery's protective cover has not been removed.
* The product was improperly installed/assembled.
* The defect was caused by overvoltage, network error, or elemental damage.
* The defect was known at the time of purchase.
* The defect reported by the consumer is not detectable.
* The defect was caused by elemental damage or force majeure.

For further warranty, guarantee, and liability information, please refer to the GTC.