Withdrawal - return the product

Weisson Kft. provides the opportunity for the Buyer to withdraw from the purchased product within 14 calendar days from the receipt of the product in the Sportlámpa webshop. Withdrawal is only possible for unused products.

The procedure for withdrawal is as follows:

  • Please first notify us of your withdrawal request at info@sportlampa.com so that we can expect the arrival of the package prepared. Send the product back to us at Weisson Kft., Hungary, 2241 Sülysáp, Tápió utca 3., only after consultation with us via email.
  • Before returning the product, please send a photo of the product to be returned and after packaging the product, also send a photo of the packaging to info@sportlampa.com.

  • Please consider the following during the return:

    * Please do NOT use the original packaging of the product as packaging, but use a cardboard box or bubble wrap envelope with some form of filler inside to ensure that the product does not move within the box. If the original packaging is taped/cut, the product can no longer be sold without depreciation, therefore in this case, Weisson Kft. may charge a depreciation fee of up to 10% of the original purchase price of the returned product.
    * Please include the completed withdrawal statement (or any document containing the order number, name, telephone number, email address, and reason for return) in the package to facilitate identification of the package upon arrival at the warehouse.

  • Upon receipt of the product, we will transfer the purchase price of the product to the bank account provided by the Buyer within 10 banking days.

For further information on the legal background and details of withdrawal, please refer to the GTC.