Long range flashlights

Long-range flashlights (or throwers) feature low light dispersion, focused light and a range of up to several kilometres per hour. This is usually achieved by using a large head, a mirror-smooth filament and a special LED. Importantly, the low lumen output in this category is not a disadvantage, the long range is provided by another metric, the candela. A long range (or thrower lamp in English terminology) can be considered to have a range of about 6-700 meters, currently the upper limit is about 3000 meters (!!!).

The description of the torches will state if a Li-ion battery and charger are included, the size (18650, 21700, 14500, etc.) and voltage (1.2V, 3.7V, etc.) of the battery recommended, and whether or not the torch has a built-in charger, so you can choose the accessories to suit your needs.

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Mateminco FW1 LEP Flashlight 2952m
Battery size
241.72 Az áthúzott ár az árcsökkentés alkalmazását megelőző 30 nap legalacsonyabb eladási ára.

Flashlights are used in a wide range of applications, most often for hiking, hunting, construction, fishing, guarding, climbing, caving, or just for work around the house and dog walking.

What kind of Flashlight do you need?

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